Lead Growth Platform


You work hard for your leads. To just let them go due to economic times producing prospects that have issues would be inopportune.

You have options

Do nothing and work on other leads, expensive and hard to come by.

Or, suggest your declined prospect to enroll in a program designed to solve their problem.

The outcome for this is you have provided a valuable service to your prospective client.
Building credibility from clients and there referrals.


you can be compensated for your effort

Not to mention if you maintain communication with your prospect should they obtain the requirements needed your lead will become potentially profitable.

We have Advisers and Planners Nationwide that offer Modules to help people understand finances, budgeting, credit and problems pertaining to loans.

Choose one or both; your decision

Adviser Approach

Technology combined with Education!


The success from graduates using one of our Advisers or Planner is monumental compared to traditional options. It is a scale program that requires client motivation.


Just as a person hires a Financial Adviser to help them with estate planning, so should people hire an Adviser or Planner to help them get to that position.

Modules Offered

The reason that 95% won't achieve their financial ambitions is that they don't know how and they don't know why.

The reason "Why" can become the catalyst to get the whole process started.

We want to understand the "Why" so we can provide the knowledge and tools needed.

Connect, educate, take action and gain support using specialized Modules designed for resolution.


Asessment of credit, savings, debt, income, cash, wealth and insurance; Defining modules needed for long and short term.

Personnel Credit

Analyzing existing credit, building a plan to improve, disputing credit report, comparing results of dispute, building and restoring credit.

Debt Settlement

Negotiation with debt collectors starting at 25% of original amount owed and building a plan to save for settlement.

Emergency Savings

48% of people cannot handle an unexpected expense of $400; a Goal Plan designed to resolve without changing your income.


Education on what it takes to qualify, requirements, maintain the cost of a home, PITI, MI, DTI, shopping for rates to closing.


The pros and cons of chapters 7 and 13; which ones you can apply for, requirements of each and what it takes to complete.

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No Cost to you

How it works

Our Role

  • We match you to an Adviser that meets your needs & requirements you desire for your clients
  • We are the third party system that is neutral to all parties
  • Providing online software facilitating the transactions securely maintaining compliance

Your Role

  • You regulate the price and production according to preconditions of disbursement
  • You negotiate fees and payouts along with modules with Adviser
  • You allocate leads and determine quality of prospect

Adviser Role

  • Crafts a detailed Goal Plan creating Task and daily To-Do-Lists for client
  • Educating client according to predetermine modules set by provider
  • Manages client according to agreement with provider
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